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When the Maryhill Ratz staged the first freeride, World War I, in the fall of 2008 little did we realize the Maryhill Freerides would become a must attend event for gravity sports enthusiasts from around the world.  The Maryhill Ratz freerides were the first unstructured downhill event in North America. This is the closest thing to a ski area for skateboards, just the wonderful curves of Maryhill and lifts to take you to the top. The Freerides are not a race and there are no prizes or spectators. Just a closed hill with hay bales, EMT’s safety workers, shuttles and friends. We will try and get as many runs as possible each day, as you know from previous years, this event happens rain or shine.

2014 Spring Free-4-All

Maryhill flyer2014


APRIL 20 & 21, 2013

The Free-4-All is place to ride with the best in the world in large packs. Packs of over 100 skaters have been recorded at the Free-4-All’s. Leathers are required.

Check the riders & volunteers list here.


JUNE 15 & 16, 2013

The Noobs Freeride is designed to allow the less experienced rider to gain some downhill experience and for the more experienced rider to ride the famous hill at a more casual pace. Unlike the Free-4-All’s, the Noobs Freeride will feature small packs and leathers are not required.



JULY 20 & 21, 2013

This is the second annual “ladies only” She-Ride at the Historic Maryhill Loops Road. This is not a competition, just gathering of world class athletes and a weekend of support, coaching and, of course, skating the legendary Maryhill Loops Road. Informal coaching will be provided by some of the best women skaters in the world to assist you with all your skills. This event is open to all skill levels, from the never-ever to experienced racers, a shortened version of the road is available for those who wish to build their skills and confidence to tackle the whole hill.



ratz-2013 summer free 4 all